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And with that, 2023 Comes to an End. Welcome 2024!

As the curtains close on 2023, The Foundry 45 team is grateful to reflect on our first full year of operation. From enchanting weddings to lively live music events, corporate gatherings,
fundraisers, and intimate private functions, Foundry 45 has become an integral part of the Kettle
Moraine community. With 2024 just beginning, we can’t help but express our gratitude for the
overwhelming support we’ve received from our patrons and clients.

Weddings to Remember: In 2023, Foundry 45 played host to 38 beautiful weddings, each
uniquely crafted to reflect the love and commitment of the couples who chose our venue. From
intimate ceremonies to grand celebrations, our versatile spaces provided the perfect backdrop for
unforgettable moments. We were honored to be part of these special occasions, witnessing the
beginning of countless love stories.

Harmonious Summer Nights: Foundry 45’s patio and Main Stage came alive with the sweet
sounds of summer during our full season of live music events. Our community gathered under
the patio lights to enjoy performances by talented musicians, creating an atmosphere of joy and
camaraderie. From soulful acoustic melodies to energetic live bands, the patio and Main Stage
became a haven for music enthusiasts, solidifying Foundry 45 as a hub for all things music.

Heartfelt Fundraisers: Giving back to the community has been a cornerstone of Foundry 45’s
mission. In 2023, we proudly hosted 13 fundraisers, supporting various charitable causes. The
generosity of our community shone through, making a positive impact on those in need. Foundry
45 believes in the power of coming together for a greater cause, and these events exemplified the
strength of unity within our community.

Private Affairs with a Personal Touch: From milestone celebrations to intimate gatherings,
Foundry 45 provided the perfect setting for a variety of private events. Our dedicated team
worked closely with clients to ensure that every detail was meticulously planned, resulting in
unforgettable experiences for hosts and guests alike.

Looking Ahead to 2024: As we bid farewell to an extraordinary year, Foundry 45 is poised for
an even more remarkable 2024. With the unwavering support of our community, we eagerly
anticipate new milestones, cherished memories, and continued growth. The Foundry team is
committed to creating spaces where love, creativity, and community thrive.

We express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has been a part of Foundry 45’s journey.
Whether you celebrated a wedding, enjoyed live music under the lights, contributed to a
fundraiser, or hosted a private event with us, your presence has been instrumental in making us a
cherished destination. Here’s to the memories we’ve created, the successes we’ve achieved, and
the bright future that awaits in 2024!

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